Cómo Se Dice "Diarrea" En Africano?: Palabras Y Expresiones Útiles Para Viajeros

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Traveling to different parts of the world is an exciting experience. However, it can also be daunting, especially if you don’t speak the local language. In this blog post, we will explore some useful African phrases and expressions that every traveler should know. We will also answer the question, “Cómo se dice “diarrea” en africano?” (How do you say “diarrhea” in African?)

Useful African Phrases

Greetings and Salutations

When visiting African countries, it is essential to learn some basic greetings and salutations. Here are a few phrases that you can use: – Hello – Salam (Arabic), Sawubona (Zulu), Habari (Swahili) – Goodbye – Ma’a Salama (Arabic), Hamba Kahle (Zulu), Kwaheri (Swahili) – Thank you – Shukran (Arabic), Ngiyabonga (Zulu), Asante (Swahili)

Navigating the City

Getting around in a new city can be overwhelming. Here are some phrases that can help you navigate the city: – Where is the nearest bank? – Wain at-ta’alamu aqraba bank? (Arabic), Iphi indawo engaqondisayo yokubeka imali? (Zulu), Benki ipo wapi? (Swahili) – How much does it cost? – Kam howa althaman? (Arabic), Izinga elingakanani lokukhokha? (Zulu), Bei ni kiasi gani? (Swahili) – Can you help me? – Hal tasta’ti musa’adati? (Arabic), Ngicela usizo? (Zulu), Unaweza kunisaidia? (Swahili)

Food and Drink

Trying local cuisine is one of the highlights of traveling. Here are some phrases that can help you order food and drink: – I would like to order… – Oridu (Arabic), Ngicela ngenze izinkulumo ezihamba phambili… (Zulu), Nataka kuagiza… (Swahili) – Do you have vegetarian options? – Hal yuwajidu khilalat nabatiya? (Arabic), Kunezinketho zokudla zezithelo? (Zulu), Una chaguo la mboga? (Swahili) – Cheers! – Fi sahetek (Arabic), Oogy (Zulu), Kwa afya (Swahili)

How do you say “diarrhea” in African?

In Africa, there are over 2,000 languages spoken. Therefore, it is impossible to give a straightforward answer to this question. However, some of the most common languages spoken on the continent are Arabic, Swahili, and Zulu. In Arabic, diarrhea is “al-iskat al-ma’zi” (الإسهال المائي). In Swahili, it is “kutapika” or “kutoka damu.” In Zulu, it is “ukuhola.”


Learning basic African phrases and expressions can make your travels more enjoyable and less stressful. By knowing a few words, you can connect with locals, navigate the city, and order food and drink with ease. Remember, traveling is not just about the destination, but also about the journey. So, take the time to learn a few new phrases and embrace the cultures and languages of the places you visit.

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