Cómo Se Calcula El Finiquito: Todo Lo Que Debes Saber Antes De Dejar Un Trabajo

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Guía para calcular un finiquito en Chile
Guía para calcular un finiquito en Chile from blog.nubox.com

What is Finiquito?

Finiquito is a Spanish term used to refer to the final payment that an employer is required to make to an employee who is leaving their job. This payment is meant to cover any outstanding wages, vacation time, and other benefits owed to the employee.

What is included in a Finiquito?

When an employee leaves their job, they are entitled to receive their final paycheck, which should include any outstanding wages, bonuses, or commissions that they are owed. Additionally, the employer must also pay out any accrued vacation time or sick leave that the employee has earned but not used.

In some cases, the employer may also be required to pay out severance pay, which is a lump sum payment made to the employee as compensation for their years of service to the company.

How is a Finiquito calculated?

The amount of the finiquito will depend on a number of factors, including the length of time the employee has worked for the company, their salary or hourly rate, and any bonuses or commissions they are owed. To calculate the final payment, the employer will need to add up all of the outstanding wages and benefits owed to the employee and then deduct any taxes, social security contributions, or other deductions that may apply.

It’s important to note that the calculation of the finiquito can be quite complicated, especially if the employee has worked for the company for a long time or has earned a significant amount of bonuses or commissions. For this reason, it’s often a good idea to consult with an employment lawyer or accountant to ensure that the calculation is accurate and that the employee is receiving the full amount that they are entitled to.

What if the employer doesn’t pay the Finiquito?

If an employer fails to pay the finiquito, the employee can file a complaint with the labor court and request that the court order the employer to pay the outstanding amount. In some cases, the employee may also be entitled to receive compensation for any damages or losses they have incurred as a result of the employer’s failure to pay.


When leaving a job, it’s important to understand your rights as an employee and to ensure that you receive the full payment that you are entitled to. By understanding how the finiquito is calculated and consulting with an employment lawyer or accountant if necessary, you can ensure that you receive the final payment that you deserve.

Remember, the finiquito is there to provide you with the compensation that you are owed for your time and effort, and it’s important to ensure that you receive it in a timely and accurate manner.

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